Like shoes?  Love style?  You’ve come to the right place!

I’m a shoe and style enthusiast with a special place in my heart for everything Nike.

I’m also a Crossfit coach (don’t punch me), a father and a husband.

Now, I know what you’re thinking- a Crossfitter talking about fashion?!  I admit, the Crossfit community does not have the best taste in fashion.  We like things loud, neon and clashing.  And while I am at times guilty of this I am also self-aware enough to step back and notice the craziness of bad fashion.

As I grow and priorities change my taste in fashion has as well.

I just turned 28 (almost 30!) and am an entrepreneur.  This realization has begun to inform my fashion quite a bit over the last year or so.

For a long time I was stuck in my high school/college mode of thinking- maybe a little bit too confident and secure in my identity to where I didn’t really care much about what I wore.  This of course had many laughable consequences.  For example there were two separate 18 month periods in college when I had a gross, blond little moustache.

I wore old jeans, beat up shoes, and was totally fine with that.  It’s a miracle I ever got married!  Thankfully I’m breaking free of my old ways.  I’m starting to take pride in what I wear and want to convey professionalism, confidence and success.

One of the first, little changes I made was ditch my neon Reebok Crossfit Nanos for their competition, the Nike Metcon.  The Metcon is simply classier and better looking, in my opinion.  I chose a grey/black shoe with a gum sole (gotta love the gum sole!).

This change allowed me to workout without looking like a fool, of course, but also gave me a shoe that looked halfway decent with a pair of jeans.

The next thing I did was get some help.  No, I didn’t go to a psychiatrist (not saying I don’t need it!).  I employed the help of my younger, hipper sisters and sisters-in-law to get me some swaggy shirts for Christmas and my birthday.  They came through, of course, and got me some seriously confident entrepreneurial swag!

But to my credit I did pick out a nice pair of pants that go great with my new grey Oxfords.  Still need another pair of dark blue/black jeans though.  Having trouble deciding what I should get exactly.

The point is, reader, that it isn’t vain or prideful to dress with intentionality and confidence.  Whether you like it or not the clothes you wear send a message to those around you, even if the message happens to be “I don’t care”.  And the funny thing is, when I reflect on my high school and college days of style, I cared about people knowing I didn’t care.  Funny right?!

So today this blog serves as a source of documentation of my change of dress and style into that of a successful entrepreneur (which I am) seeking to convey this success and confidence in a way that attracts people, not repels them.

I feel that I’ve already planted several seeds to be hashed out in coming blog posts.  Pictures of course will be included for reference.

So, until next time, know that, regardless of what the message is you are indeed sending one to everyone around you with the style of clothes you wear (or lack thereof).

***Before I sign off, I’d like to thank a top sponsor of this blog and an unlikely source of style encouragement and inspiration in my life: Ryan Wisdom is a plumber friend of mine who runs a local small business you can reach out to if your water heater breaks down or you need a gas line installed- costamesaplumbingservices.com.  The man is the best dressed plumber you’ll ever meet, even when he’s on the job!  Thank you Ryan for your constant support!

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